Seminar Feedback: How to Gain Media Buzz for Your Music, Fashion Design, Film and Other Creative Arts


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Hi folks! Hope my post finds you all well! I had the privilege of teaching the seminar I spoke with you all about, yesterday, at the California Lawyers for the Arts. My audience was an eclectic mix of professionals in  fashion, music and the arts.

For example, there was William Passero, a photographer who was looking to take his photography business to the next level; Penelope Dunham a Jeweler ready to gain more media buzz for her business to help increase her bottom line, Reiko Muranga, an artist, preparing to launch a big art exhibition this December in San Francisco; who wanted to know how to get all the publicity; and finally Teri Vereb a clothing designer. I was really impressed with everyone that showed up and their many questions.

What did I do? I shared exactly what I promised I would share “How to Gain Media Buzz for Your Music, Fashion Design, Film and Other Creative Arts.

If you would like my power-point presentation, email me at ( ) and I will be glad to forward a copy to you.

Special thanks to Bob Pimm, my legal colleague and Director of Legal Services at California Lawyers for the Arts, who jumped on the idea when I pitched it to him. Special shout out to Helen and Nel, staff at California Lawyers for the Arts,  San Francisco, who both also ensured everything went smoothly. Thank you!

On a final note, back to Teri Vereb.Lovers of fashion and art brace yourselves! Look what I discovered? Designs by Teri Vereb. Her designs are one of the most powerful if not THE powerful “artees” I have seen in a long time. Teri has permitted me to share images of her work with you all. So, check out the comments below from participants at the seminar and then get drawn into Teri’s work.

To order her tees, call her office at 415-892-8644 or visit You can also find her on Facebook here.


Below is feedback from some of the participants at the seminar yesterday:

“Good morning Uduak! It was an enlightening evening for which I have only one complaint; it was too short! . . . Thanks for the education and positive experience!” – William Passero/Photographer & Owner Super Star Photo Service.

“Hi Uduak, I was in your class last night . . .[y]ou were the perfect messenger with target information at just the right time for me. Thank you!” –Teri Vereb/ Designer & Owner of Designs by Teri whose powerful designs you must visit here.

“Thanks for the informative and fascinating seminar at California Lawyers for the Arts last night! I’m really glad I went.” – Jessica Koleman/ Comedian & Actress

“We all enjoyed your informative talk last night . . . Thank you for taking time to give to the artistic community. I, for one, really needed your expertise.” –Nancy Hinsen/Musician

Photo credit: Teri Vereb/


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