Brittney Spears ‘Can’t Take This No More’ Pleads Incompetence Against $10Million Perfume Suit

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Is it possible for a ‘mentally incompetent’ person to cut a business out of a deal? Apparently it is.

“Britney Spears’s mental heath has once again come under scrutiny as she faces another legal battle.

Daily Mail UK reports:

“After the 29-year-old’s parents deemed her ‘mentally incapable’ to testify in a court case earlier this month, now her lawyers say she is also unfit to do the same in a perfume lawsuit.

Britney is being sued for $10million by brand management and consultant company Brand Sense Partners, who say that the singer cut them out of a deal.

They claim that while she was working with the company, she failed to tell them about a project that she was also working on with Elizabeth Arden.

The company are now trying to take Britney to deposition, and have asked a judge to order her to attend and take part, meaning that she would have to provide a sworn testimony.

But it appears that the singer can avoid it.

Britney remains under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, and her lawyer, Andrew Wallet, and so far her legal team have refused, saying that without their approval, she cannot legally be forced.

The news comes as Britney’s mother Lynne is currently being sued for defamation by the singer’s ex-manager Sam Lufti over claims made about him in her tell-all memoir, Through The Storm.

Lufti is said to trying to get Britney to undergo a psychiatric examination after her parents claimed she was ‘mentally incapable’ of testifying in a court case.

In her book, Lynne alleged that Lufti regularly drugged Spears and harassed her following her well-publicised breakdown. . . “

A lot going on here. Let’s talk briefly about the sworn statement i.e. deposition sought in this case.

Whether you sue or someone sues you, there are many investigative tools available to you to gather facts to prove your case. One such tool is a deposition. It is done outside of court in a more informal setting than the courtroom but still requires truthful statements be made. Here, Spears is saying I can’t even show up. I am mentally incapable of sitting through the deposition and answering your questions.

The Plaintiff wants evidence or proof of this alleged mental incompetence.

Isn’t math closely associated with music? How can Brittney deliver flawless hit music but be “mentally incompetent?” I guess her mental health professionals have spoken.

We will see how this plays out.

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Daily Mail has the full story.


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