Africa Legal Drama: #Don Jazzy Mo’Hits Executive Denies Signing Producer Duncan Mighty to #Mo’Hits #Contracts

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I don’t like reading about situations like this that are easily avoidable. At this stage, in the Nigerian/African music space, this is not something I expect  lawyers to be involved with, although it depends on the facts. But, sheesh?! Here goes the story.

Don Jazzy is a music executive for the record label Mo’Hits, one of the bigger record labels out of Nigeria. Duncan Mighty is an artist and music producer, also popular in the country. Duncan Mighty in an interview with the Nigerian TV media announced he had just signed with Mo’Hits Records as a music producer. Before he could blink, Don Jazzy took to twitter to tweet a denial, distancing himself from the artist/producer’s statement. How embarrassing!

Let’s bring it home to the USA for UDUAK LAW FIRM BLOG readers. Producers, this is so not okay. Have a written and signed legal agreement evidencing your contractual relationship before you announce it to the world. Also, be a bit more PR savvy about things. Let the label put out a press release or in the alternative, you can do the same. Be sure to include quotes from the label/executive announcing your new relationship. Needless to say, you should get a lawyer to draft such legal agreement for you.

“Reports emerged that Duncan Mighty had joined Mo hits Records as a producer and sound engineer with the singer/producer ‘confirming’ his inclusion in the Mo Hits rooster as sound engineer / producer on a TV show. Mo-hits is led by super-producer Don Jazzy and has artistes like D’banj, Wande Coal, D’prince and K-switch.

However, Don Jazzy has informed via Twitter that he has not signed the rapper. . .”


Questionmark mag has the full story and tweet pic.

By the way, totally unrelated but one of the artists mentioned on the Mo’Hits Records excerpt is D’Prince and I love his song ‘Omoba.’ Meet a new African artist to add to your list.

Photodescription: Duncan Mighty

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