Fashion Law 101- How to Create a Movement

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My Fashion Law colleague Staci Riordan gives you all the 411 on how to create a Fashion Law movement:

Fashion Law 101: How to Create a Movement

First, I have to start off apologizing.  This post was supposed to go up yesterday in honor of B.A.F.F.L.E.D’s second anniversary.

When I first suggested to friends and colleagues that there is such a thing as “fashion law,” they laughed.  Now, six years into being a practicing Fashion Lawyer (as a Fashion Litigator and doing Fashion transactions), I don’t get any laughter when I tell people what I do.   Most ask:

How do I become Fashion Lawyer too?

Once I started blogging (which has almost been for two years now, wow!), I learned that there are a group of us that are passionate about Fashion Law. I have made so many connections online, using twitter, facebook and by reading and commenting on other blogs.

Now, not all of us fashion lawyers agree, take take similar positions or even call themselves fashion lawyers. (no lawyer jokes, please) But discourse and debate is what a democracy is all about. .  .” Read Staci’s full post here.