Fashion Law: The Kardashians STRIKE Back, Prepare to Sue Over Bogus Child Slave Labor Sweatshop Allegations

“The Kardashian family is preparing for war — gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell us … Kris Jenner is furious — claiming the guy who runs the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had no right to accuse the Kardashian brands of wrongdoing because he has no tangible proof to back up his claims.

Kris must have seen I.G.L.H.R. honcho Charles Kernaghan on “TMZ Live” Wednesday — when he flat out admitted he didn’t actually go to the factories in question … and is making the ASSUMPTION based on years of research on the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Jenner also believes Star Magazine’s cover — which screamed “Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal” — was not only unfair … but libelous … and it should have to pay for any damage that has been caused to the brand’s reputation. . .” -TMZ

My Take

A couple of takeaways. The fashion and entertainment industry is notorious  sweatshop like working conditions and child labor violations. Just recently, we saw allegations about Victoria Secret’s African Child Labor violations in Burkina Faso unveiled by Bloomberg. Employers, if you will hire a young employee in California, you will need to comply with California’s Labor Code. All minors under the age of 18 must have a work permit per California’s Labor Code. For the Entertainment industry, minors between the age of 15-18years must have a work permit.

As to the claims the Kardashians will have, we’ve seen these legal issues in different forms. Here, the issues at the heart of this case if it should be filed would be defamation and libel.

As it stands, it appears there is a recant on this story. This might be enough for the Kardashians on a strategic level. However, it is also a seemingly easy case to win and one that Star Magazine would quickly want to settle, depending on other facts unknown to us. . .

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