#FashionLaw Event – The Body Politic: From Banning Burkinis to Designing Democracy

In Fashion Law by FASHIONENTLAW™

Burkini bans in France and the resulting controversy are a powerful reminder of why fashion plays an important role in politics: what we wear defines who we are, both as individuals and as nations. Are religious rules for fashion consistent with democratic values? How do designers reconcile freedom with faith? Can fashion companies appeal to niche markets without alienating mainstream consumers? And what are the practical and political implications of the ABA’s new anti-discrimination rule? Join us as we launch an ongoing election-season discussion of the role of fashion in public life with “The Body Politic: From Banning Burkinis to Designing Democracy.”

DATE:          Friday, September 9, 2016
TIME:           9:30-10:45am (breakfast 9am)
PLACE:        Fordham Law School, 150 W. 62nd Street, Room 7-119
NYS CLE:     1.5 hours (1.0 hour ethics; .5 hours professional practice, transitional and non-transitional)


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