Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

Welcome to 2012 on UDUAK LAW FIRM’S Fashionentlaw.com blog.

It feels good to be back on my online home. This is my favorite hangout spot on the web. It is the place to relax and just be “legally me.” Typically, I prepare my stories I discuss with you all during the week on weekends, giving room for breaking and compelling legal news stories as my full work schedule permits. Well, this weekend, I did not have the luxury to prepare for a big welcome party welcoming you all!

Most of you longtime readers know I am of Nigerian heritage. I was born in San Jose, California but raised in Lagos, Nigeria. My desire to be an attorney and specifically a trial lawyer did not come from my time in the USA. On the contrary. It actually came from my time in Nigeria as a little girl and specifically reading a book in the Yoruba language  about a courtroom proceeding that accused a young girl of wrongdoing.

In any event, Nigeria is experiencing a nationwide strike as a result of the deregulation of the country’s oil sector and an overnight removal of fuel subsidy which sent gas prices skyrocketing over a 100%.  Given the protests and preparation for protests, I spent my weekend reporting and discussing all things related to the turn of events in the country.

So, excuse me that we are having evening court sessions if you will.

I am excited for all that 2012 brings and I am convinced it will be a fantastic year ahead! I look forward to discussing the legal issues I frequently confront in my  practice areas by way of legal pop culture news. I hope my discussions and legal take helps you sleep better at night as you research the right legal professional to assist you for your legal troubles should they arise. I also have exciting news for you and look forward to sharing it in the coming weeks ahead.

Watch the clip below that best captures the issues on the deregulation of the oil sector in Nigeria. I look forward to our talks soon and once again, Happy New Year!


“This is the true story of a great people, in a land flowing with milk and honey. Since independence on October 1st 1960, our government have enslaved us even though we got freedom from the colonialist. They steal from us and give us nothing in return. We toil they eat; we cry they smile; we cater for our basic needs and also for theirs with our tax. Government after government impoverished us, yet we kept sealed lips, now they’ve removed oil subsidy so that we can die. They have the guns, we have the guts, and we shall fight until we see the light, arise Nigerians say no to oil subsidy removal.”