Shaquille O’Neal Sues Former IT Guy Claiming Stolen Emails #Invasion of Privacy, Fraud

This lawsuit is a bit interesting. Did Shaq not conduct a criminal background check? Folks, if you will hire persons, employees or independent contractors, conduct a basic criminal background check.

“Celebrities better be careful about the IT experts they hire to take care of their tech needs. Perhaps they can learn from Shaquille O’Neal, who has filed a lawsuit against a man he accuses of prying open his e-mail and attempting to sell it on the open market.

Shaq is suing Shawn Darling, a Florida man who worked as his IT specialist dating back to 2007. Shaq says he hired the man not knowing he was convicted of a felony for bank fraud.

According to the claims filed in Miami circuit court, Darling was tasked with many jobs, including setting up his computer and audio systems, storing electronic communications, and registering a domain,, for Shaq. . . ”

As part of these efforts, Darling requested and got Shaq’s passwords, which he then allegedly used outside his employment to access Shaq’s private e-mails. Darling then sold the communications to a website, which published several articles damaging Shaq’s reputation, according to the . . .”

THR, Esq. has the full story.