Broken Syringe May Exonerate Dr. Conrad Murray in MJ Manslaughter Case

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This is very interesting. First review some of my prior analysis on the State v Dr. Conrad Murray case. Next, whose fingerprint was on the broken syringe revealed below? Does the case take a different twist if it is neither Dr. Murray’s or Michael Jackson’s? Do you think the Prosecutor would dismiss the case if it turns out the fingerprint was MJ’s or a third party? I think the Prosecutor would press forward and would argue that Dr. Murray’s actions were the primary cause of MJ’s death. Very tough argument to make, if the results point a different direction on the Syringe. The interest of justice may mandate a dismissal.

“A huge development in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial involving the death of Michael Jackson … the defense wants a first generation fingerprint of a broken syringe found in MJ’s bedroom the day he died … and our sources say they think it could prove that Michael killed himself.

Dr. Murray’s lawyers were in court this AM. Among other things, they lasered in on a broken syringe that had rolled under Michael’s deathbed. The defense wants a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it.

Defense sources tell us … Dr. Murray insists he did not break the syringe. As TMZ first reported … the defense believes MJ caused his own death by giving himself a massive overdose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources say … there were only two people in the room, and since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have handled it.

The defense is asking that the FBI deliver the first generation fingerprint.” ~TMZ

Photocredit: Hollywood Gossip