Ex-Lawyer Duro Olowu’s “Bizarre” Talk with VOGUE Black

In Fashion Law by FASHIONENTLAW™

*Sigh* You went to law school, started practicing, decided it wasn’t for you, went on to do something else with your life. If you are London based fashion designer Duro Olowu, congratulations. Good on you. Vogue and almost every media out there thinks you are HOT. Good move. They reference a lot of your upbringing as a Nigerian and how that informs your design sense. So, what’s with the word “bizarre” being used to describe both your Nigerian heritage and your background as a lawyer?

“I grew up in Nigeria and then I came to school here in University. Studied law and then went back and worked as a lawyer. I know it’s bizarre. . . I grew up with my Yoruba family, the women with their robes, and their head ties. The men in their starched outfits . . . you know it was just a really bizarre thing.”~Vogue.it

Okeedokee Mr. Olowu! Whatever “bizarre” means. On another note, congratulations to the ex-lawyer turned designer as he just opened his very first flagship store in London. I suppose he needed a lawyer to close that business deal. 🙂 “I know it’s bizarre.” 🙂

Watch Olowu here.