Lady Gaga Sues Company Over Use of her Trademarked Name ‘Lady Gaga’

Lady Gaga is one artist I think, often, should consider becoming a lawyer when she retires from singing. She just loves to take advantage of the legal system to defend her perceived legal rights. How many cases have we discussed where Lady Gaga is initiating a lawsuit?

Check out her latest lawsuit:

“NEW YORK — Lady Gaga says a Nevada-based company is trying to horn in on her fame to market cosmetics and jewelry. She’s suing in New York.

The Grammy Award-winning pop star sued Excite Worldwide LLC on Monday. The lawsuit says the company applied without her permission to trademark the names “Lady Gaga” and “Lady Gaga LG” for makeup and baubles.

Excite Worldwide didn’t immediately respond to telephone messages Wednesday at numbers listed for the company in Chicago and Henderson, Nev. . . ”

Sacramento Bee has the full story.