Toshiba U.S. Business Sued for $100 Million Over Pay, Promotions Of Women

What has fashion and entertainment got to do with the news that Toshiba just got slapped with a $100million gender discrimination lawsuit? A whole lot from where I seat.

Issues of gender discrimination  in fashion and entertainment come up often. Employers in these industries need to be aware of what the law is to comply and avoid suits like Toshiba’s. So, if you are reading this and you are an employer, pay careful attention to some of the claims alleged in the article and hyperlinked complaint. Also be sure to revisit my article which discusses discrimination lawsuits here.

“Electronics maker Toshiba Corp.’s U.S. business became the latest major corporation doing business in the U.S. to face a class-action lawsuit over how it pays and promotes women.

On Monday, law firm Sanford Wittels & Heisler brought a $100 million gender discrimination lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on behalf of a potential class of as many as 8,000 women working for Toshiba in the U.S. You can read a story on the lawsuit here; click here for the complaint. . .” WSJ has the full story.