Wale Signs with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group + RalphFolarin.com #Trademark #Domain Names


I must say I am not surprised to hear the artist Wale just signed with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. In 2008, Wale signed with Interscope Records and by November of 2009 released his album ‘Attention Deficit.’ Just before his release, I got a chance to interview Wale and I could tell he had so much he wanted to express but felt limited. He was so restless I could feel his restless energy even though it was a phone interview. If I doubted it, he would subsequently express it on his twitter page. Good on him. Hope the new relationship works out.

What Rick Ross Had to Say About the New Relationship
“What make’s it special for me is when you make a move as big as this or as powerful as this it’s also a testament of my brother believing me in me. When I feel like that in my heart you know I’mma ride forever. . .”

What Wale Had to Say About the New Relationship
” . . .I’m blessed man, I’m blessed . . .same music, better energy man. That’s all i’m gonna say. We let the records talk for themselves.” Wale has also said in a released Vimeo video about his deal, ” . . .the difference is . . .rather than saying I wanna put out “Dairy” because it is good for hip-hop, . . . instead of saying Black people ain’t gonna believe in you . . . (Maybach says) [it’s] let’s do it.”

Domain Names and Trademarks
By the way, I noticed Wale now list  www.ralphfolarin.com on his facebook official fan page. His www.walemusic.com is still well and alive. The ralphfolarin.com name made me think to share with UDUAK LAW FIRM BLOG artist readers some key points about domain names and trademarks.

1. Trademark is all about brand building. Be sure you don’t build your brand only to lose it later. This means you should be aware that just because you register your domain name does not mean you are automatically granted trademark rights. For example, Keith Urban the country star married to Nicole Kidman registered his name after a painter with the same name had already registered www.keithurban.com in 1999. Keith Urban the singer tried to stop the painter but clearly did not prevail. See here for story.

2. Be aware that as in the Keith Urban the painter story, a person like Keith Urban the singer can sue you (doesn’t mean they will win) if your domain name is likely to dilute the famous person’s trademark or confuse customers.

If you are an artist or other creative professional thinking of choosing and registering your domain name etc., there are some things you can do to make sure the name is NOT already in use. Of course always consult with a lawyer also to help you with your legal needs.

Do It Yourself Name Check.

1. Google
4. Whois.net
5. Wikipedia
6. Itunes
7. Amazon
8. MySpace
9. Facebook

Photocredit: Wale