Dr. Dre Settles Lawsuit Over ‘Chronic’ Sales

Last month was full of settlements in some of the litigation I have discussed here on UDUAK LAW FIRM blog. The “can’t we just get along” feeling spills into this month. In April 2011, I brought your attention to the Dr. Dre lawsuit v. Death Row Records suit. Well, the suit just settled. Quick thing, in the prior case, the Judge had given an inclination, based on its ruling, that Dr. Dre would prevail. So, it only made sense the opposing party looked to count their losses and settle quickly. Story below:

“LOS ANGELES—Dr. Dre won’t be behind the microphone at a federal courthouse after all — the rapper settled a lawsuit over damages from unauthorized online sales of his album “The Chronic” a day before trial.

Attorneys for the rap superstar, whose real name is Andre Young, filed a notice of settlement in a Los Angeles federal court late Monday afternoon. He had been expected to testify during the weeklong trial, which would have decided whether Young was entitled to 100 percent of the profits from online sales of the rap album, which also helped launch the career of Snoop Dogg.

No details of the settlement, which is not yet finalized, were filed with the court.

In April a judge ruled that WIDEawake Death Row Records didn’t have the proper permission to sell Young’s music online or repackage it on new CD releases. The label purchased the holdings of original Death Row Records, which launched the careers of several rappers, out of bankruptcy.”

Full story on on Boston.com.