Lady Gaga Wins Injunction in London’s High Court Against Lady Goo Goo Cartoon #Trademark Law

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Lady Gaga, as I have discussed on this blog, is one artist who goes full court press in enforcing her legal rights. Today, news media reports she prevailed in a hearing in London’s high court seeking an injunction against a company marketing and selling ‘Lady Goo Goo Carton.’

What is an Injunction?
When a party (Plaintiff and/or Defendant) seeks an injunction, such party is asking the court to issue an order i.e. a court order  to essentially stop or prevent the other party from carrying out an action that it believes harms it. If the court issues an injunction and the party affected fails to comply, such party could be held in contempt of court and face criminal or civil penalties.

“LONDON – She is no stranger to appearing in as many surreal ways as possible, but it looks as though Lady Gaga has less tolerance about being spoofed.

The singer has won an injunction in London against popular kids website Moshi Monsters, preventing its British parent company Mind Candy from releasing a single from its cartoon character Lady Goo Goo.

In an all-day hearing at the High Court, Mr Justice Vos said Mind Candy was prevented from “promoting, advertising, selling, distributing or otherwise making available to the public The Moshi Dance or any musical work or video which purports to be performed by a character by the name of Lady Goo Goo, or which otherwise uses the name Lady Goo Goo or any variant thereon.”

The video, which was released on YouTube but has now been removed, features the long-fringed blonde animated baby, wearing trademark black shades, in The Moshi Dance. . .”

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