Stuff Hits the Fan as South Korea’s KARA Files Lawsuit Against DSP Media

KARA, South Korea’s five member girl group, is one of the most popular bands in South Korea and surrounding Asian countries. Four of the band members as of January 19th, 2011 sent shockwaves to both fans and industry colleagues when they filed a lawsuit against their music agency DSP Media. I have been following this story closely and boy it has been quite ugly and nasty with serious blows being swung on each side (parents, label, media, fans, hospitalized member, everything and everyone is involved). As the dust settles, I intend to address the parallel legal issues raised for artists here in the USA to avoid a similar experience.


“Fans of popular K-pop group KARA are saddened by the news that four members of the girl group have decided to terminate their contracts with DSP Entertainment over alleged unfair income distribution and backbreaking schedules.

DSP Entertainment previously managed boy band SS501.

On January 19, KARA members Goo Hara, Jung Nicole, Kang Jiyoung and Han Seungyeon through their lawyers said they will file a lawsuit against DSP Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contracts.

KARA’s leader did not join the four in the plan.

The legal issue threatens to derail the rising career of KARA, which has become popular especially in Japan.

Fans are siding with KARA and are hoping that the group will not disband.

“This is a hard moment for KARA. I hope Gyuri and the other members are not in a conflict. No matter what happens, I hope KARA remains the same,” a fan with the username Modueca wrote on, the international forum for KARA fans.

Another fan with the username Erin88 said, “Wow this is so shocking. Just when it seems like they were at the peak of popularity. Even though I’ve been a fan just for the last couple of months, this is really saddening . . .” has the full story.

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