Young Jeezy Too Busy Ballin’ to Show Up for Concert #Breach of Contract #Performance Agreements


Artists, it really doesn’t matter if you are “ballin'” like Jeezy and Lil’Wayne, stay in an “Empire State of Mind” like Jay-z in New York or “Dance the Night Away” from all of your troubles like J.Lo. You are responsible for showing up at a concert when you sign a legal agreement  saying you will. If you don’t, you better do the cost benefit analysis and make sure breaching your agreement will be worth being dragged to court, getting bad media publicity and most of all, disappointing your fans.

In our current case, concert organizers in the Virgin Islands took, according to reports, all steps necessary to secure Young Jeezy for his performance before his adoring fans. But, 12days prior to the show, he called and gave an excuse that would preclude him from performing. The organizers accommodated him and still tried to make it work BUT he was a no show. If he thought his stardom would translate to letting him off the hook, he was wrong. The event organizers sued, as they should and here we are.

Look Promoters, if artists behave this way, which happens often, you sue. It is that simple. I avoid saying the solution is a refund of monies by the artists because the injury to reputation for the promoters can be grave and hard to recoup from, in many instances. Suing means you put that artist and future artists on notice that this would not be tolerated. It also helps with maintaining your credibility among those that count the most, your customers.

Obviously the factual scenario here is focused on artist not keeping their end of the deal. There are many instances were promoters try to run some shady practices on artists. As those facts come up in the news, we will take them on here.

Sample cases analyzed in the past to reference: Mos Def & J-Lo + revisit my analysis on Performance agreements here. See story below.

“Rapper Young Jeezy is facing legal action after he allegedly pulled out of a concert in the Virgin Islands at the last minute.

The hip-hop star was reportedly lined up to appear at the Summer Splash 2011 gig, but a lawsuit filed in the tropical destination on Friday (24Jun11) alleges his representatives told organisers of a possible scheduling conflict 12 days before the 18 June (11) show. . .”

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