LOL! Introducing Lawyer Mike the ‘Only Rapping Lawyer on the Planet’


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Happy Friday! Longtime readers know I enjoy hip-hop and believe strongly that lawyers, especially trial lawyers, are as much great story tellers, if not better, as rappers are. Rappers who disagree with me, we can have a “court” rap battle. 🙂 I have shared with you all stories of lawyers who rap, examples being David Kelly who is a Lawyer by day and a rapper by night. Kelly has been profiled by Wall Street Journal for his unique talents. I have also shared with you all the work(s0 and story of X.O Senavoe, a lawyer who quit his big firm job to pursue a rap/music career. Yet another lawyer-rapper story is that of Rapper and Lawyer, Mike.

‘Above the Law’ takes him on the choping block and delivers a “slap, slap, slap” writeup.  But, for me, while very funny, Lawyer Mike has a creative and positive message, plus  he exposes music talents that otherwise would not gain exposure on his music videos. 🙂


“Here at Above the Law, we sometimes write about career alternatives for attorneys. But what about attorneys who are living double lives in seemingly conflicting professions — attorneys like Alisha Smith, district attorney-cum-dominatrixextraordinaire?

Today, we bring you a story about an attorney coming straight outta Compton Knoxville.

Enter Lawyer Mike, a man who claims to be the “only rapping lawyer on the planet.” Lawyer Mike rolls hard. Can’t you tell from the picture?

We’re going to talk about a lawyer who raps. And poorly, at that.

Lawyer Mike, né Michael Shipwash, is a graduate of the University of Memphis School of Law. He’s a solo practitioner in Tennessee, and his areas of practice include, but are not limited to, personal injury, consumer protection, and police brutality. (Can I get a f*ck tha po-lice up in here?)

Although Lawyer Mike is clearly a straight-up gangsta, it seems like he needs to brush up on his thug lyfe vernacular. We tried to find more information about him and his musical stylings on his Facebook page, but found only this: “YouTube me.”

Mike, we believe the phrase you were looking for was “Google me, bitch.” Do you really need to be corrected on rap linguistics by a JAP from Jersey?

Let’s have a listen to some of his sick beats, shall we? . .”

Above the Law for the full story.

Photocredit: via Above the Law

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