Dennis Rodman Sued in Court Over $225K Booty-Slapping Bill #Default Judgment

“Dennis Rodman still hasn’t paid the price for his slaphappy hands — this according to a Vegas waitress, who claims The Worm spanked her on the job back in 2009 … and now, she’s dragging him back to court.

As we previously reported, Sara Robinson sued the Chicago Bulls legend after the alleged sexual assault at the Hard Rock — and when Rodman failed to respond to the complaint … Sara won a default judgment in the sum of $225,000.

But Sara claims Rodman still hasn’t paid a cent — so she’s once again fighting the same battle, filing new docs in Florida to enforce the judgment in the Sunshine State … where she suspects Rodman owns property … hoping to get Rodman to finally pay up. . .” – TMZ

A couple of things folks to note:

1. Default Judgment: When you receive anything, regardless of how minutiae, from a lawyer’s office or a court of law, you respond. If you don’t, 10 out of 10 times, there is  a probability you have just shot yourself in the foot or worsened your situation. If it is a court proceeding, you could be held in contempt of court, a warrant issued for your arrest and so many not so cool things. In this case, we get introduced to a term called “default judgment.” What this means is that Dennis Rodman did not respond or take the Plaintiff’s lawyers or lawsuit seriously. He failed to meet the deadlines he needed to meet and as such, pursuant to the civil procedure rules (rules that govern how to play the lawsuit game i.e. find your way inside a courtroom), he lost.

Think of it this way. You have an appointment in a boxing ring to fight your opponent. You never show up. Your opponent does. Who wins? Your opponent, needless to say.

2. Collections: Second and final point. In my dealings with celebrities, especially from a media/journalism perspective, celebrity does not equal money. Many times, so called celebrities are living well above their means and are simply not making enough income to replenish all the excessive spending. At times, some are just a paycheck away from being homeless. There should be due diligence done to make sure you can actually collect money if you will sue. Otherwise, it might make sense, through your lawyers, to really focus on negotiations towards some kind of settlement.


Photocredit: MLHS