Eminem & Justin Bieber Caught in the Middle of Korean Music Concert War

Folks, I have expressed my immense irritation for American promoters, labels and artists that engage in what is a fraudulent pattern and practice of luring event organizers overseas with the promise of top names to perform at their events. Often, this international event organizers believe, pay upfront cash and when the day of the event arises, they never see the stars promised. The current case underscores this point. Last time I discussed this, we saw Rick Ross  and later Nas allegedly perpetuating the breach of contract/fraud claims.

The point to note here is that these international companies are now striking back and are suing on American turf. They hire lawyers locally here to take the fight to you the celebrities and industry persons engaged in this bad behavior. It is bad publicity all around and if this continues, music industry professionals (musicians and promoters particularly) might have a hard time earning a living, added to the cost of litigation, especially in an already uncertain music market.

“It’s the most unlikely pairing in any lawsuit ever — Justin Bieber and Eminem — but believe it … because they’re at the center of a new legal war over a concert in Korea … that will never happen.

A company called Moonstone Management just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court — claiming it hired another company named J-Mike in 2010 to recruit either Eminem OR Bieber for a concert in Seoul, Korea … and J-Mike never delivered.

According to the lawsuit, Moonstone paid J-Mike a down payment of $300,000 to secure one of the stars — but J-Mike strung them along for months with nothing to show for it … and eventually called off the deal without returning the cash.

Now, Moonstone is suing for its money back — plus other unspecified damages. . .” -TMZ

Photocredit: celebs.gather.com