Blogging & the Law: Sarah Jessica Parker & 40 Bloggers Head to Italy for Pitti Fashion Event

This news hit the web yesterday and it has since traveled at the speed of lightning. Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) & 40 fashion bloggers head to Italy for the Pitti Immagine fashion event. The big news is not so much that SJP is headed to Italy, after all celebrities go to Italy all the time. The buzz, obviously, is that fashion bloggers now command so much clout they can be flown to Italy, presumably all expenses paid, to blog their hearts out.

What are the Obligations of  Bloggers in Those Situations?

1. Think Before You Sign: Make sure you know what you are signing. As these perks continue, it means the law comes in. When the law comes into play i.e. contracts, it means relationships can go wrong. When relationships go wrong, we have a breach of contract. Have a lawyer review your contract to be sure you know what you are signing and can deliver what you promise in the agreement.

2. Obey FTC Rules: If you are an American blogger, be sure to follow the FTC mandates and disclose the trips and perks you received in exchange for blogging when you write your sponsored review or post.

3. Don’t Forget the IRS: If you are an American blogger, don’t forget the IRS. Check in with your accountant on what qualifies as income.

Basically, dot your “i’s” cross your “t’s” and then kick back and have a good time.

Fashionably Marketing Me has the story.

“It’s 2011 and your fashion event needs more buzz, extra excitement, a little edge, a modern feel, a youthful flair! So, what do you do? Inviting 42 fashion bloggers to WWDMAGIC worked for Teen Vogue. Taking a glossy page out of Teen Vogue‘s book, Pitti Immagine has invited 40 bloggers to its June fashion event in Florence, Italy.

The company known for its Florence-based fashion fairs, Pitti Immagine, hosted a luncheon last week to dish on the excitement planned for June 2011. Pitti Immagine announced the special guest designers for the men’s and women’s trade shows, Band of Outsiders‘ Scott Sternberg and Rodarte‘s Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Sternberg will present a multifacted fashion event on June 15, 2011 for Pitti Uomo and the Mulleavy sisters are scheduled to work on a top-secret, site-specific presentation and special collection for Pitti W.”

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