Court throws out unpaid interns’ lawsuit against Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo etc. #Fashionlaw

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Three years after being told their trial would be postponed indefinitely, former unpaid interns at Hearst-owned magazines have learned the case will never see a federal jury.

In 2012, former Harper’s Bazaar intern Diana Wang filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer’s publishing empire, claiming unfair labor practice on behalf of more than 3,000 other interns hired by Hearst over the prior six years.

Other interns from Cosmo, Marie Claire, Esquire, Redbook and Seventeen magazines joined the suit, telling similar tales of menial labor for no pay.

The litigation fell among a spate of several similar Fair Labor Standards Act complaints against other media companies, including Conde Nast Gawker, Sirius FM, Fox and Sony.

A year into their lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Harold Baer issued a ruling rejecting class certification…

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Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar