Fashion and Retail Law: Going Global and Mobile Seminar (May 20th, 2014) #Fashionlaw

Hey beautiful people, I received an invitation to this event and thought you too might be interested. Details follow.  I hope you are having a great week so far.


“Fashion brands and retailers operate in an increasingly global and mobile marketplace. The dynamic forces shaping the retail industry provide consumers with a greater variety of products, more information, and expanded retail platforms. Yet, these forces also pose significant and evolving legal risks for brands and retailers. This program will explore the key legal challenges for brands and retailers in the current environment and will offer practical guidance from seasoned practitioners and industry experts.

What you will learn

Strategies for addressing data privacy and security risks

Recent developments in the global battle against counterfeits and knock-offs

Best practices for digital brand promotion

Critical considerations in acquiring fashion brands and retailers

Ways to reduce antitrust risk: U.S., EU, China

Key issues for the Boardroom


Morning Session: 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

9:00 Opening Remarks and Introduction

9:15 Addressing Data Privacy and Data Security Challenges

The legal and regulatory environment
High profile retail breaches of card data
Incident response planning
Vendor security management
Questions and answers

Speakers: Andy Blair, Andy Roth

10:15 Protecting Fashion Brands

A brief overview of legal protections for fashion around the world
Copyrights: What is or is not “useful”?
Trademarks and trade dress
The use of utility and design patents to protect fashion
Unfair competition and misappropriation of fashion designs
Techniques to address counterfeiting
Speaker: Howard S. Hogan

11:15 Networking Break

11:30 Addressing Marketing and Advertising Risks

FTC and consumer protection issues
Regulation of consumer incentives – Gift cards, loyalty programs, coupons and rebates
Legal and business risks with social media use
Mobile marketing pitfalls
Sweepstakes, contests and other consumer promotions
Speaker: Michael Schaper

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session: 1:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

1:45 Acquiring Brands and Businesses

Surveying the deal landscape
Structuring a transaction
Due diligence challenges
Addressing valuation issues
Compensating and motivating founders
Speakers: Lois F. Herzeca (Moderator), Ira M. Dansky, Cathy Leonhardt, Jennifer Baxter Moser

2:45 Fashion and Luxury Goods: Antitrust Issues in Retailing

Speakers will address antitrust issues that arise in retail and fashion in three major global consumer markets, the U.S., the EU and China. In the U.S., the role of state attorneys general and the contrasting approach of certain states, where the federal rule of reason for RPM has not been accepted, will be discussed. Topics will include:

Resale price maintenance (“RPM”)
Minimum advertised prices
Non-price vertical restraints
Permissible restraints on internet sales
Avoidance of horizontal restraints or market allocations
Speakers: Kurt Haegeman, Elinor R. Hoffmann, Darrell Prescott

3:45 Networking Break

4:00 The Fashionable Public Company

Organizing public companies in the fashion and beauty space
Relationships with “the name of the brand”
Key issues for the boardroom
Disclosure considerations – from the SEC to social media
New ways to finance the start-up

Speakers: Ellen J. Odoner, Moderator

Additional Faculty to Come!

5:00 Adjourn

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