Fashion Law: Chanel Files Sweeping Cyber Space and Trademark Lawsuit Against 399 Websites

A quick thing or two here. Two ways to do this, file a lawsuit of this magnitude, more so to send a message, really. Or for more efficient, cost effective and result oriented strategies, still hire your lawyer to directly deal with the ISP providers to disable the infringing websites. It depends on the allocation of funds and time you have to deal with litigation. It is easy for these ISP providers to take down these websites once your lawyer shows real evidence of illegal activity, which is usually a violation of the terms and conditions these website owners sign with the ISP providers. This method used by Chanel lawyers can also be just as effective but very costly to their client.

“LAS VEGAS — Chanel Inc. has filed a sweeping cyberpiracy and trademark infringement lawsuit in Nevada against 399 websites the company accuses of selling counterfeit items bearing the luxury retailer’s name.

The suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas seeks unspecified damages from unnamed operators of websites that the New York-based fashion house alleges operate from China, the Bahamas and other overseas jurisdictions where trademark enforcement is lax.

Lead attorney for Chanel, Stephen Gaffigan of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was out of the office and unable to immediately respond Wednesday to messages seeking comment.

The suit was first reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

The complaint takes the trademark infringement battle beyond a fight to stamp out street corner knock-offs.

It seeks an order to seize or disable website domain names and an injunction barring defendants – identified only as “partnerships and unincorporated associations” – from selling counterfeit goods including handbags, wallets, shoes, boots, sunglasses, scarves, T-shirts, watches and jewelry bearing the Chanel name. . .”

Sacramento Bee has the full story.