Fashion Law: Liya Kebede New Face of L’Oreal Paris #Brand Ambassador Agreements

I never get tired of a good game of basketball. Whether playing or watching. If you have ever played a really good game of basketball, you know what it feels like when you are on fire and you keep hitting those shots at critical moments in the game. If you are like me, you just let your hands sit there in the air, after you make the shots, and then you say it loud where all the guys in the court can hear, “AND 1!” or depending on the day “Check!” and then of course you have to do a little back slide with the legs and do the little dance or chant that works best for you.

That feeling, that “high” is exactly how I feel when my fellow long legged fashion model mates ink deals that expose the world to their drop dead gorgeousness. When my model mates who ink these deals happen to be African or Black, it is a “check, check, check!” chant for me. 🙂

Liya Kebede just inked a deal with L’Oreal Paris as the brand’s new face. That gets another “CHECK!” Now onto the more serious “check” as in the money. Which means we have to get right into the legalese of it all courtesy brand ambassador agreements.

I covered this kind of agreement when Munachi Abii signed with Lux Soap as its New face of Lux. Get caught up on the discussion here.

Congrats to Liya!