GiGi New York issues a cease and desist order to Tommy Hilfiger #FashionLaw

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This is an interesting lawsuit. I’d like to see what ultimately occurs in this case in the weeks ahead.

-~Ms. Uduak

Press statement from Gigi New York

“GiGi New York issued a cease and desist order to Tommy Hilfiger last week after discovering the misuse of its mark on product and in marketing of handbags in Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Recognizing the obvious potential for consumer confusion, GiGi New York requested that Tommy Hilfiger cease and desist its misuse and work in partnership to prevent consumer confusion based on the misuse.

Graphic Image has common law priority rights since 2010 and owns federal trademarks for its “GIGI” family of marks. Similar trademarks are held throughout Europe, and GiGi New York is positioned to defend them on both continents.

Tommy Hilfiger has notified GiGi New York that they do not intend to recognize their rights in GiGi’s trademarked logo and are not concerned about the consumer confusion engendered by their misuse.

GiGi New York’s mark utilizes a unique upper and lower case treatment that Tommy Hilfiger has copied, causing additional consumer confusion, despite this typographical treatment having no history of use by its spokesperson, Gigi Hadid.

Owned by Graphic Image, GiGi New York is a third generation company that staffs up to 200 employees. For 40 years, this family run company has been producing high quality leather handbags and agendas in their own New York factory. They are proud of this heritage and have great concerns that the negative publicity surrounding Tommy Hilfiger’s overseas factories and their safety lapses could one day be extended to their own GiGi New York brand.

Of equal concern, Tommy Hilfiger’s promotion of synthetic leather bags harms the reputation of an actual genuine leather GiGi New York bag.

GiGi New York will operate their own pop-up shop in New York City’s Meatpacking District on Washington Street and encourages all to come see the original GiGi bags and their heritage parent, Graphic Image.”

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