I Got 99 Problems & a Wig Ain’t One | Tyra Banks Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Wig makers for Trademark Infringement #Fashionlaw #FashionModelingLaw

Supermodel/media mogul Tyra Banks is not a happy woman right now. TMZ reports that Banks just allegedly filed a lawsuit in L.A., yesterday, against several wig makers for infringing on her trademark.

I should get my hands on the complaint very soon so I can give you all my take/analysis on the suit. In the meantime, please revisit my discussions on how Trademark infringement works here, and also read  an excerpt from TMZ’s reporting:

You can’t go slapping Tyra Banks’ name willy-nilly on wigs — not without her slapping back with a massive lawsuit for 10 million dollars … TMZ has learned.

Tyra just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County against 10 companies that make wigs … and in the suit she claims they’re all biting her “name, photograph, image, and identity” — as well as her trademarks.

We know squat about wigs … but some quick research revealed several of the companies do have Tyra’s photos and Tyra inspired wigs on their websites.

A few examples: The Yaki straight[Tyra-Banks style] wig, the Tyra Banks custom lace wig #046, and our fave — the Tyra Banks inspired human hair wig. We’re guessing it’s not actually TB’s hair you’re buying … although it does cost $300!

TMZ has the full story.

The sound track that seems to fit this legal drama is Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. It just seems like Tyra Banks is ready for this legal battle and she is going full court press in making sure these infringers stop. We will see how this unfolds.

Photocredit: Associated Press