Jay-Z Sued for Trademark Infringement with Diamond Logo + Facing NBA Investigation

If you are visiting UDUAK LAW FIRM blog for the first time and are unsure about what Trademark Infringements are all about click to get a well rounded view and discussion on the legal nuances of Trademark law specific to the USA. Otherwise, read the brewing story on Jay-Z. “Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation is being sued for trademark infringement over its diamond-shaped logo.

Streetwear brand Volcom is alleging that Roc Nation’s logo bears a striking resemblance to its own gemstone symbol, which it has been using since 1991. In the lawsuit, filed on 31 March, the company said it has been asking Roc Nation to cease using the logo since it debuted in 2009, but had been ignored.

The lawsuit states: “While Roc Nation appears to have initially used the diamond only in combination with the words ‘Roc Nation’ it is now using the diamond log on its own, causing a likelihood of confusion among consumers.” The logo is appearing on Roc Nation-branded headphones, clothing and records.

Volcom clothes and accessories are sold at similar retailers to Roc Nation’s gear and the company is seeking an injunction to have all products bearing the diamond logo destroyed. . .”

Jay-Z go on brush that “Dirt off Your Shoulder.” Not sure the legal troubles will go away. You are now hanging with Warren Buffet. Expect more lawsuits . . . hey . . . the “mo’ money, mo’ problems” remember Diddy, Mase, Biggie & Faith Evans in that old classic? Speaking of more problems, Jay Z also has a pending investigation for an unauthorized action he took pertaining to the NBA.

Complete Story on MTV.

Hey do you all remember when President Barack Obama brushed his shoulder off? (LOL!) Classic. The elections will be very interesting times in 2012.

Photocredit: SF News Weekly