Ladybrille WOMAN Podcast Episode 001: Fashion Entrepreneur & Engineer ELFONNIE INOKON ANUSIONWU #Fashionlaw

Top of the day to you all. I am happy to share Episode 1 of the Ladybrille Woman Podcast show with my readers. Future episodes will include discussions on Fashion Law as well; and I look forward to inviting some of our fashion industry people and legal colleagues on, in the future.

So, if you are not already subscribed, feel free to hop on over and do so. The show is also on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Episode 1 features Ladybrille Woman of the Month for July 2014 Elfonnie INOKO Anusionwu. She is an engineer and fashion entrepreneur.



Listen to the LADYBRILLE WOMAN Podcast Show.

Elfonnie Inokon Anusionwu