Paris Hilton Sued for Wearing ‘Fake’ Hair Extensions, #Breach of Contract #Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are common in the fashion and entertainment business. Fashion and entertainment companies aggressively solicit celebrities to endorse their brands. In exchange, the celebrity receives a negotiated sum of money while the brand/label receives publicity which usually translates to lots of money for the celebrity-affiliated brand.

In this instance, Hair Tech International accuses Hilton, in a breach of contract lawsuit, of wearing the hair extensions of another company.They allege this constitutes a breach of agreement in Hilton’s role as their brand ambassador. They are suing for $35million.

What is a breach of contract all about? Read my analysis here. If you are like Paris Hilton and you sign an agreement to wear hair extensions for Hair Tech International, are you stuck wearing that hair the whole year? Can you wear another competitor’s hair?

The sole function of the celebrity under this kind of agreement is to drive consumer demand for the brand. So, it becomes important to have an attorney outline, in the agreement, the parameters of the relationship.

Here is an excerpt from the Paris Hilton $35million Hair extension lawsuit:

“Talk about a bad hair day. Paris Hilton was hit with a $35 million lawsuit on Wednesday by a hair-extensions company that claims she breached her contract with them by wearing a competitor’s fake locks. The company, Hairtech International Inc., which manufactured the Dreamcatchers hair extension line that Paris fronted beginning in 2007, is seeking damages of 10 times what Hilton was reportedly paid under the contract . . .”

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