Thank You + Best of 2011

Thank you all for a fantastic year! I appreciate every visit, your emails, your comments, your time. Uduak Law Firm’s blog clocked one year old this July 2011. Boy have we covered so much ground! When people experience the legal system in California and the USA in general, it is deeply  personal. It is life changing. At times, rubbing shoulders with the legal system can be empowering.  Often,  it is not. It is intense, stressful, intimidating, crippling and at times destructive leaving those who experience it to pick up the pieces and start life all over again.

Either way you look at it, from representing hundreds over the years in my capacity as an attorney, there is a consistent thing that happens when people rub shoulders with the legal system. They lose sleep. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence they are on.

I understand what that means for the many I have represented. This blog seeks to provide basic but crucial information to make you feel a bit at ease when/should you ever deal with the legal system, especially in a litigation context.

A special thank you to the following organizations and persons that have extended invitations to me this year and/or supported.

1. University of California School of Law Davis
2. Delta College School of Fashion – Leslie Asfour
3. Fashionably Marketing’s Retail Camp – Macala Wright
4. San Francisco’s SFFAMA – Owen Geronimo
5. Licensing International Expo 2011- Courtesy Macala Wright
6. Fashion Cloture’s Kenya Wiley – Thank you Ms. Wiley
7. Fox Rothschild’s Staci Riordan – She is uniquely herself and a cool Fashion Lawyer colleague. Thank you Staci.
8. Stan Rapada – Thank you for the photos
9. Susan Scafidi, B.A.F.F.L.E.D, Fame Appeal – Thank you for keeping the fashion law community interesting. Susan thanks for all of your work especially with Fordham’s Fashion Law Institute.
10. Get – Thank you for the opportunity to speak on Social Media & the Law

Thank you all. Thank you to Natalie Cupps (@nataliecupps) for the beautiful time and help at the Licensing International Expo 2011.

HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE! I hope 2012, for you all, is your best year, yet. I will see you all on January 9th, 2012. Below are the six articles you all enjoyed best measured by my analytics/measuring  system.

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  2. Fashion Law: “Spread Eagle” Underage Teen Model Photo Lands Urban Outfitters & Photographer Jason Lee Parry in $28Million Trouble
  3. Film Law: Hahaha Wayan Brothers Sued For Stealing Jokes- CUT! Not Funny! #Copyright Infringement
  4. Music Law: Amber Rose Music Meets Runway, the Shutdown #Performance Agreement
  5. Film Law: Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Threatens Lawsuit for Defamation Against
  6. Music Law: Mathew Knowles Sues Beyonce’s Live Nation, What It All Means #Defamation