The Situation Abercrombie Is RIPPING ME OFF – Sends Cease & Desist Letter

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Late August I blogged about the Situation and Abercombie & Fitch’s request that he not wear their apparel. It was a *rolls eyes* kinda response for me all the way. Well, it looks like the Situation resonated with my post. He has something to say to Abercombie:

“The Situation is returning fire in his war with Abercrombie & Fitch — claiming the clothing company has repeatedly tried to exploit his good name — and now, he’s demanding they BACK THE HELL OFF.

You’ll recall … the conflict began last month, when A&F publicly offered to pay The Situation NOT to wear their clothing. Days later, Sitch claimed he never received such an offer.

What’s ironic … A&F has previously marketed t-shirts clearly inspired by “Jersey Shore” — including one that reads “GTL Fitch” and another that reads “The Fitchuation” — and Sitch believes last month’s offer was nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt to trade off his good name. . .”

TMZ has the full story.

Photocredit: EOnline