Video: Fashion Finance Law for the African Designer #FashionLaw

My UK based Fashion Law colleague Annabelle Gauberti, who juggles between the UK and France, in conjunction with the London Film Academy, produced the video clip below which I think the design community will find very useful.

Gauberti chronicles the necessary steps every fashion design business should think of and take in obtaining financing for your fashion venture. She uses a hypothetical designer as an example to illustrate her point, talks about the importance of a business plan and what goes into it, if you will seek funding from investors, factoring and more. She also discusses other resources in the UK both local and international designers can tap into.

Her discussions of UK law is also relevant to Western Africa and South African fashion markets since the laws there parallel the UK’s.

Designers, if you are really serious about the business of fashion, you should listen to this and take notes while you are it.