Video | Watch Staci Riordan’s Key Note Address at UVA Law’s Fashion Law Symposium #Fashionlaw

REMINDER: As a reminder, U.C Hastings College of Law (my alma mater) will present the first ever west coast Fashion Law Symposium featuring some of the brightest legal minds in fashion law. It includes yours truly as well as Staci Riordan (Founder, Loyola Fashion Law Project), and Susan Scafidi (Founder, Fordham Fashion Law Institute). It is a free event, and a great networking opportunity for law students, attorneys, and of course you fashion industry professionals as well. So, do mark your calendar for February 28th, 2014 and see you soon!


On to today’s post, my fashion law colleague Staci Riordan had the opportunity to present a key note address at the University of Virginia School of Law, last week Friday, February 7th, 2014. The school held its first Fashion Law Symposium event. Again, I remain excited with the fact that there are fashion law ambassadors such as Staci and many more spreading the fashion law message one fashionista, and one school at a time. Please join this movement because it is only a matter of time before fashion law becomes very common place. Watch Staci’s keynote.