Fashion Law News: Susan Scafidi on Why Lawsuits are a New Fashion Trend, Terry Richardson Sexual Harassment Allegations, NY’s Child Labor Law During Fashion Week & More! #Fashionlaw

It’s New York fashion week, yes! It’s usually the time I am backstage interviewing designers and often being confused as one of the models and told to get dressed and have my makeup done, already! It’s actually usually given as an order (while) a stylist or designer grabs my hands and pulls me along. Lol!

It is also a time to reconnect with industry friends across the fashion value chain, interview celebs and fashionistas alike in the front house, attend the numerous parties and make time for personal friends (law buddies) outside of the fashion industry.

The only caveat is, I never do such trips during the winter. Errr . . . California girl and New York’s cold weather don’t mix. 🙂 You can’t convince me to be in New York in February. No thank you much. See you in September when the sun is out. Lol! Even though I am not in New York, thanks to social media, I have front row seats to some of the best shows and I look forward to sharing a few with you, after all we can’t talk fashion law without talking fashion. In the meantime, below are a collection of fashion law news that grabbed my attention and I believe is worth sharing with you. Read on:

1 . Susan Scafidi on Why Lawsuits Are a New Fashion Trend
I always love seeing Susan Scafidi, and of course many more of my ultra cool fashion law colleagues, sharing the fashion law message. It definitely will take a team effort to spread this fashion law message across the country.Thanks to social media, I believe we will get there a lot faster than  . . .  say how long it took music law to become so common place.

As a reminder, be sure to mark your calendars for February 28th, 2014 when U.C Hastings (my alma mater) will host the first ever West Coast Fashion Law Symposium. I am particularly proud of Hastings because I note the effort to create a truly diverse symposium; and be one of the leading fashion law conferences in the country, by bringing East and West Coast together, and some of the leading names in fashion law.

Yours truly will of course be there and I look forward to seeing you there as well. So, register! It’s FREE plus for attorneys, you will receive MCLE credits. How cool, right?

2. How many models will speak out against Terry Richardson before the fashion industry cares? This case is starting to have the feel of designer Jon Anand’s case who was ultimately charged, tried and convicted for numerous sex crimes. Should we reach that bridge, then I look forward to taking you all into the fashion criminal court room as we take this case head on. For now, keep it on your radars.

3. Absolutely dotty: American fashion firm trademarks ‘cooperative’

4. In fashion? 5 things to know about patents


6. New Report Says Fashion Week Runways Have Become More Diverse, But Will The Trend Continue? By the way, if you missed my discussion on Fashion,  Law & Race during the IMAN, Naomi Campbell and BethAnn Hardison campaign for more diversity last year, click here.

7. Vogue Goes Digital With a New Flipboard Partnership

8. How New York’s Recently Passed Model Law Could Change Fashion Week
Folks, be sure to read my detailed analysis on the New York Child Labor Law and its impact on the industry here.

9. Why Unpaid Internships Are No Catwalk for the Fashion Industry

10. Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Trial
This ruling came down over a week ago but I wanted to share it nevertheless with you all. Do you recall me blogging about this case? While not exactly fashion law related per se, the ruling here is directly relevant to the fashion industry, and industries across the board, if I may add.

11. Lil Kim Sued for Zombie Makeup


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