Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. Settle “Two & a Half Men” Legal Fight. #Winning!


They say 90% of cases that are filed in court settle. Charlie Sheen settles his dispute with Warner Bros. and life is good again for the Actor. See we can all get along, after the trial lawyers step in to sort out the legal brouhaha and smack some sense (figuratively speaking) into the heads of litigants. On to the next case . . .

“It’s now official … Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. have settled their bitter “Two & a Half Men” dispute.

A rep for WB released a statement claiming, “Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre, and Charlie Sheen have resolved their dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction.”

As TMZ reported … almost immediately, mostly for work he already performed and profits he has already earned. And, as sources told us, Charlie will get around $100 million in profits from syndication of the show over the next 7 years.

Warner Bros. and Charlie have agreed to dismiss their mutual lawsuit against each other.

We love happy endings. . .” – TMZ



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