Happy World Intellectual Property Day, Lancelot Imasuen Style!

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Today the world celebrated the World Intellectual Property Day. According to THR, Esq. For the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), it was an opportunity to raise awareness of the consequences of theft of films and TV shows by releasing a video. I watched the video and was unimpressed.It felt so arms length, unreal and for me, boring. “We can do better than this, really,” I thought. So, I went looking and found Nollywood Film Director Lancelot Imasuen’s personal story of how piracy has affected him. Imasuen who I have had the privilege of sitting on a Nollywood panel with, interviewing about his work and also addressing some of the issues he raised in the video below, is a prolific filmmaker in the second largest film producing industry in the world. The video below is from a recent event in New York this past March 2011.

Maybe next time John Morton and his team can consider calling on Lancelot Imasuen for Nollywood, a filmmaker from Bollywood and one from the USA to drive home the point.