MTV Tells Writer to “Fall Back” with #Jersey Shore Copyright Infringement Accusations

Okay, so MTV didn’t actually use the word “Fall Back” but it is battle zone and all parties are ready for war! Warning: This is not for the faint at heart.

TMZ reports a writer by the name of Christopher Gambale is threatening a potential lawsuit against MTV Networks. Gambale claims he pitched an idea for a show to MTV in 2006. MTV rejected his idea but later emerged with the show ‘Jersey Shore.’ *Sigh* Where have we seen something like this? Yes.  The recent Carlos Moore FELA! Copyright Infringement suit. Similar kind of suit here. Excerpts from TMZ:

“ . . .Christopher Gambale, claims he came up with a show called “Guidos: The Reality Series” back in 2006 which would focus on “stereotypical guidos and guidettes” doing things like “GTL before hitting the clubs.”

Dude says he pitched the idea to MTV … but never got a response — until he sent them a letter threatening to sue.”

Heather Windt an attorney and Vice President of Intellectual Property & Litigation for MTV responded in a letter that can best be summarized as, “Gambale, you are barking up the wrong tree. FALL BACK while it is still safe to do so or else there will be mud slinging.” Read the letter here.

We shall  see how this ends. .  .

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