Lookie here, Lookie here, Paris Hilton Blows Judge Away in Cocaine Case! Now “That’s Hot!”

TMZ is unnecessarily dramatic when they report news stories but then again, that is why they are TMZ.  I saw the headlines “Paris Hilton Blows Judge Away in Coke Case'” and it made me chuckle.

August 2010 I reported and gave my legal commentary and analysis on the Paris Hilton criminal drug possession, tapping into my own experience representing criminal defendants. There is nothing spectacular that happened here. Hilton did what she was supposed to do. She paid her fines, did her counseling, did her community service, did her “intense” substance abuse program. Case closed. Paris Hilton go and sin no more. Now “that’s hot!”

Watch the Video Below From TMZ

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Photocredit: Paris Hilton/Facebook Fanpage