Susan Lucci BLINSIDED By ‘All My Children’ Cancellation

I enjoyed watching ‘All My Children” if only to see Susan Lucci. I use to catch the show during my down time on my college campus at the Cafeteria. Well, the show has been cancelled and Susan Lucci, the main staple, says she had no idea the cancellation was coming.

“TMZ ran into Lucci at The Grove in L.A. on Monday (see above) and when we asked if the show she’s starred on for 41 years was on the hot seat, Susan replied, “No truth to that rumor … not at all.”

We spoke to Lucci’s daughter, Liza Huber, who told us the soap star only learned about the show’s fate on Thursday — at the same time producers informed the rest of the cast — and Susan was “upset” by the news. . .” TMZ has the full story and video clip.

On a lighter note, I have not read Ms. Lucci’s “All My Life” Memoir but I presume it would be a good read to learn more about her. I was always fascinated with her on screen.