Tyra Banks Enrolls at Harvard Business School, Who Says You Can’t Have Beauty and Brains?

I have never understood the idea that as a woman if you are beautiful and intelligent, you should pretend that you ain’t got brains. Who makes these rules, anyway? When a man is intelligent and handsome, society worships him and bestows leadership qualities on him, it doesn’t matter that he is not a leader.  In contrast, a beautiful woman with brains, well you already know the deal. She is  to walk around apologetic about a fact that is what it is. For fashion models, it’s worse. You truly really have to play dumb. But, in my world, fashion models are some of the most intelligent women I have met, to date. Many are also smiling all the way to the bank allowing others to draw whatever conclusions they deem fit about them.

Tyra serves as yet another exhibit of a beautiful, intelligent, business savvy woman and fashion model who is unapologetic about her intelligence, and of course her beauty. I hope we continue to see more, especially in fashion, come out of hiding.

The “modelpreneur”  just enrolled at Harvard’s Business School. Here’s an excerpt from Harvard’s Crimson newspaper on her enrollment:

“Harvard Business School has added a world-renowned cultural idol to its student body—model and media personality Tyra Banks.

After Banks was recently spotted strolling through Boston, visiting Harvard’s dining halls, and walking around the HBS campus, both administrators and students confirmed her presence.

She is currently enrolled in the Business School’s Executive Education Owner/President Management Program (OPM), according to Jacqueline Baugher, director of the OPM program.

Baugher said the program usually attracts “presidents and CEOs of companies with sales from anywhere between five million to several billion dollars. . .”

Congratulations to Tyra. Hope she knocks ’em dead at Harvard, Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde style. 🙂

Harvard Crimson has the full story.

Photocredit: Noireeffect.com