Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha, Drunken Tiger, Roscoe “On & On” (Video)

My love for hip-hop music is certainly not news on this blog. Great hip-hop music to me is like telling a great legal story, whether it be in the form of a legal film script, a John Grisham novel or great opening and/or closing statement at trial. It’s amazing. Words are so powerful and if you know what to do with words (positive use), the successful results you get is ridiculous.

Tasha whose Korean name is Yoon Mi Rae gives me that amazing satisfaction I look for when I listen to music with her latest release ‘On and On.’  The song is more like an Asian cypher. It’s got Tasha’s husband Drunken Tiger, Roscoe a Fillipino American and other rappers involved. I remain in awe of hip-hop music. Its reach is mind blowing and what other cultures have done with this music form is like wow! Enjoy.