50 Cent ‘Poppin’ Them Thangs’ Sued Over Violent Attack at Mansion: Employers do Your Background Checks!

50 Cent is all over legal news media and entertainment sites this week. It is “Fiddy” week. Trust me, I’d rather a different news. Anywho, this time, he is sued in a civil case for being, essentially, a negligent employer and hiring an ex-convict who beat the crap out of a guest attendee at Fiddy’s  event. Fiddy wasn’t even present when the whole shinding went down. But, as an employer, you are not required to be present at your business when stuff hits the roof. You just gotta have your act together and hire the right people.

Here’s the scoop folks. California, along with practically most states in the US of A require that you do dot your I’s and cross your t’s i.e. background checks when you hire employees that will have high contact with members of the public.

How do you do this?
You hire a company that specializes in running background checks including drug testing, physical exams and you, internally, have the right employment applications that require potential employees to reveal important information like past criminal convictions so you know “what’s really good” as I like to say.

When you ignore all of these, you too can be on the hook for “Negligent Hiring” like Fiddy. “Knew or should have know” language as reported below is a relatively simple burden for a Plaintiff to meet.

Read the reported facts on 50 Cent case below.

“50 Cent employs violent known criminals who viciously attack women when they don’t get their way … this according to a new lawsuit.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, 50 Cent hired a guy named Dwayne McKenzie — although it’s not clear exactly what McKenzie did for the rapper. The suit alleges McKenzie invited some women over to 50’s mansion in Connecticut. During the party, McKenzie began making “graphic and vulgar sexual requests” of one woman.

The plaintiff, Vasti Ortiz, apparently became uncomfortable and started to leave. She claims that’s when McKenzie ordered another woman to start beating on her while he held her down … badly hurting her.

So why is 50 being sued, aside from the fact that he’s rich? Ortiz claims 50 knew or should have known McKenzie was a known criminal who had assaulted in the past.

50 was not present during the alleged attack.” – TMZ


Photocredit: TheFilmstage.com