A Man Runs for 30 Years But the Law Finally Catches Up! #Criminal Law


You can run but you can’t hide. In the USA, one thing I have found consistent is that the law, however long it takes, ultimately catches up to you in wrong doing. Stay out of trouble people. But, if you can’t, get a criminal defense lawyer before you talk to the cops. This story is that of a man who ran for thirty years on drug smuggling charges and he was finally just arrested. I guess he has lived it up. What next than to die in prison?

“Macdonald was arrested in 1980 and accused of running a drug smuggling ring. But, reads the NYDN story:

B]efore he could stand trial, the alleged criminal mastermind faked a heart attack and escaped.

Macdonald eventually moved to Pennsylvania, where he lived quietly under the assumed name of Jack Hunter, according to the newspaper.

That is, until, a cold case unit in Miami was assigned to his case late last year.”

WSJ has the full story.