Dr. Conrad Murray’s Defense: Michael Jackson Killed Himself?


The latest story on the Michael Jackson Manslaughter case is that Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team plans to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with a fatal dose of Propofol.

“According to a report from Reuters, following a court session where evidence in the case was discussed, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Walgren came forward saying he believes that Murray’s defense will claim Jackson committed suicide.

The defense will reportedly state that Jackson self-administered the lethal dose of propofol, the surgical anesthetic he used as a sleeping aid. Jackson died of an overdose various drugs, which included lorazepam and diazepam.

Murray’s attorneys declined to comment following Walgren’s statement, but attorney J. Michael Flanagan did say, “I’m not going to respond to that characterization. But apparently it is a consideration of Mr. Walgren. . .” ~AHN

First, it’s ridiculous that Mr. Walgren feels he can speak for the defense, to the media. Why?? Focus on your case, let the defense focus on theirs. Obviously from a publicity perspective, it further worsens the image of Dr. Murray in the public eye, among other things.

Second, if it is true, there are a lot of concerns for the defense and  many questions that need to be answered such as:

  1. Doesn’t it beg the question why a treating physician would administer Propofol, away from a  hospital controlled setting, and be negligent to leave the drug around; where  an  unmonitored and at risk patient could use it to commit suicide?
  2. Doesn’t the above amount to criminal negligence so that the prosecutor need not even get to the question of whether Dr. Murray administered the lethal dosage?
  3. Another question is, Did MJ have a history of self-administering Propofol? If he did, I think we still get back to questions 1 & 2.
  4. Propofol is a drug which can cause drowsiness and lack of coordination. At the initial dosage Dr. Murray administered the drug, wasn’t that enough to cause “deep” drowsiness? Lack of coordination? How is it possible, given the side effects of the drug, that MJ could still successfully administer such a lethal dosage? I guess the defense would argue that the side effects of the drug is why it is credible MJ would have made such a deadly mistake, not Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray is credentialed, experienced and would not make such mistake. . .

Either way, we shall see the ultimate defense theory. Whatever it is, it has to be credible.