Gayle King Sued By Matchmaker For Not Delivering “Oprah” #Breach of Contract

Wake up people! Look who’s back? Yes! It’s your favorite, one and only, fashion and entertainment lawyer. Yours truly, Ms. Uduak Oduok. Don’t sleep on me, even if I happen to sleep on you. *Coughs* You could get sued. (BIG SMILE) 🙂 Back to the lawsuits because they keep coming.

Gayle King, Oprah’s BFF has just been sued for Breach of Contract on Dating services. Hmmm . . . breach of contract. Let’s see what do we have here? How about we pull’s archived case of J-Lo? We see  an analysis of breach of contract claims and defenses in the J.Lo case that is applicable in our Gayle King case.

If the alleged facts in the Gayle King story is true, how do you suppose Oprah will react?

Check out the story below. Gotta love TMZ on the opening sentence.

“So if you had any doubt about whether Gayle King is a lesbian scratch that, because Gayle is being sued by a famous matchmaker who claims she hooked Gayle up with a bunch of “attractive, fit, and wealthy men,” but Gayle reneged on her promise to put her on “Oprah.”

Orly Hadida — aka Orly the Matchmaker — claims 2 years ago she made a deal with Gayle to provide her with matchmaking services. According to the lawsuit, Orly waived her $500,000 fee, and in return Gayle promised to get Orly a guest spot on “Oprah.”

Orly alleges she spent hundreds of hours hooking Gayle up with 5 men — all fabulous. Orly claims Gayle went on several dates with more than one of the men. . .” –TMZ has the full story.