Hugh Hefner: Not Dead, Just Planking- To Plank or Not to Plank, That is the Legal Question?

Planking came and boy did I hold my breath in high anticipation it will just move on. Everyone was “planking.” American, Asian and African celebrities, including the absolutely hilarious lawyer turned comedian and actress Funke Akindele. Never heard of her? Watch more Nollywood films. She is also quite fashion conscious although her planking picture on a bag of rice does no justice to her.

In any event, while the planking fad continued, some celebs began speaking against “planking.” Remember rapper Xhibit who was the host of the very popular MTV “Pimp my Ride,” show? He took to twitter to say “planking is racist.”  His statement was ultimately negated by African American history lovers and scholars.

After that, it seemed like planking disappeared just as quickly as it came and I was happy!! But, something weird just happened. Four days ago, I was catching up with news when I saw that eighty five (85) year old Hugh Hefner, the legendary name behind Playboy, actually went to look for planking and said, “hey planking, would you like to play with me?” He literally resurrected planking from the grave, again!

Who would have tonk it?

That’s where we  lawyers come in to do what we do best i.e. bury this whole planking thing by interjecting the fear of the law to shut down this whole planking business.

To plank or not to plank, that is the legal question at hand. Here is the UDUAK LAW FIRM FASHIONENTLAW.COM ANALYSIS

Artists planking in the studio, especially on your mic., or any instrument in the studio for that matter, is past dumb and enters into a land of being retarded. #Endofstory. Designers, planking in your atelier . . . well what else is there to say? Directors, actors and actresses, unless you are getting paid to plank as part of your movie, don’t waste your energy.

Planking at Work i.e. normal everyday people

Employees: Planking is and can be:

1. A violation of safety rules at work

2. Planking can be a breach of your employment contract- U.S employers have a duty to provide a healthy and safe work environment for employees. Employees also have  a  responsibility not to make or contribute to making the workplace an unsafe environment. Plank at work, plank your way out of a job. #Endofstory


  1. Planking on your down time to hang or look cool with your employees is a very bad idea. You are the boss, act like it, unless of course you are as wealthy as Hugh Hefner then who cares? You can just throw your money at lawsuits when an injury occurs. Not so?
  2. If you are not as rich as Hugh Hefner and you do care, then re-train your staff, include and remind them on horseplay at work in your company policy.

Alright folks. I am done. *Dust hands off, takes right hand, wipes sweat off forehead.* That ought to bury planking for good. 🙂

EOnline has the Hugh Hefner story.

Photocredit: EOnline! for Hefner, Funke AKindele/Funke AKindele