I’m Smart and You’re Not! Don’t Hate Me ‘Cos I’m Smarter than You- Gregory Berry v. Kasowitz D’Banj Remix!

“I’m hot and you’re not! Don’t hate me because I am hotter than you,” sings Nigeria’s hot sensational artist D’Banj, who is also signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music label. What bold lyrics! Do you say that to yourself? Won’t that be narcissistic if you did? Then again it is America and thank God for the laws because even attorneys are allowed to sing their remixes to D’Banj’s song, without no real copyright infringement.

So, here is Gregory Berry, former first year associate at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman’s D’Banj remix.

“I’M SMART AND YOU’RE NOT. I AM OF A “SUPERIOR LEGAL MIND” AND ALL YOU JOKERS WENT TO WHICH LAW SCHOOL?! Matter of fact, I’ll sue you all to display my SUPERIOR legal mind.”

You to me: Okay Attorney Uduak Oduok, come off it with the jokes. Attorney Gregory Berry might very well have a legitimate case. There are law firms of inferior legal minds out there, really.

Boy are y’all so right. But, what do the facts reported say?

Here are the facts as reported by Reuters:

“Gregory Berry, a former first-year associate at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman, accused the firm of unethical behavior and lying about its work culture in a lawsuit filed on Monday in Manhattan state Supreme Court.

Two partners are also named as defendants in the suit. Berry accuses them of interfering with his job, inflicting emotional distress and trying to thwart his career prospects.

Berry claims he “immediately began doing superlative work” when he started working at Kasowitz last September after attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania.

But he ran into trouble after a few months when he e-mailed partners asking for more responsibility, he said in the lawsuit.

“It has become clear that I have as much experience and ability as an associate many years my senior, as much skill writing and a superior legal mind to most I have met,” his email said, according to his complaint.

He was informed by a partner at the firm that his email had “burned bridges” in the office, and he was fired a few days later, according to the lawsuit.

“There’s simply no room in a big law firm for an intelligent, creative lawyer with real-world experience, and I had to find that out the hard way,” Berry told Reuters. . .”

The complaint is 50pages long. Definitely an interesting read. Mr. Berry is really a smart attorney. Can he pull this off you ask? I will need to read the complaint closer but from the reality ahead, hmmmm . . .

It’s Gregory Berry versus one of the top litigation firms in New York. Will he prevail?

While you ponder that and add a good measure of politics that is sure to follow this kind of a case,  I’m gonna check out the complaint.

The D’Banj song I spoke about. “Mo gbono feli feli” means “I’m really hot.” Favorite part is “Huhn African Michael Jackson”

Reuters has the full story.

Photocredit: Above the Law