Isn’t it Ironic? Bruno Mars, Paris Hilton Prosecutor Busted for Coke!

“The Las Vegas Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton for cocaine possession was arrested Saturday night for… possession of cocaine.

Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert was booked and later released from the Clark County Detention Center.

Way to blow it!” ~TMZ

I quote the beautiful words from Alanis Morissette’s song, “Isn’t it ironic?” Did Schubert take the coke booked into evidence from defendants for his own use? What’s really good? No one is without fault but Mr. Schubert you are prosecuting people for these illegal possession and having them locked up for a long time. Maybe you want to get your act together, don’t you think? How ironic.

Photo 1: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo 2: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson