Jennifer Lopez Sued for $10million by Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend


Oh boy! The latest lawsuit across my “news desk” is that filed by Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noa’s girlfriend. The girlfriend Claudia Vasquez claims J-Lo tried to block a film Vasquez is co-producing with Ojani that includes J-Lo’s scandalous sexual past. “According to Ed Meyer, a filmmaker working on the project, the movie contains never-been-seen before scandalous scenes of Lopez doing a lap dance on a one woman and kissing another woman, thus estimated to make around $10 million!”

Pretty expensive lawsuit innit? It would be interesting to see the complaint filed. Barring a lot more facts than provided in the news, what comes to mind is the Tort of Interference with Business Relations. This particular cause of action allows you to sue a person if they “interfere with a valid contractual relationship” you have with a third party or your “valid business expectancy” i.e. money or similar benefits in a business deal.

“Jennifer Lopez is being sued by a Mexican soap opera actress who is producing a movie on the early stages of her life! Claudia Vasquez, the former girlfriend and business partner of Lopez’ ex-husband Ojani Noa is currently seeking $10 million in damages, claiming that Lopez tried to block the project in fear of the biopic showing unflattering moments.

The 27-hours-long biopic apparently has fundings from NBC and Telemundo. Lopez sued ex-husband Ojani Noa last year for invasion of privacy when she found out that he was attempting to make money from their home videos that go way back to her Selena days. Lopez wants to resolve the case in arbitration in an effort to keep details from leaking to the public, but Vasquez will not have it. . . “

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